How to reduce fatigue and nosocomial infection at the same time

anti-fatigue mat

Working long hours in an upright position rings a bell to you? Back pain, stress and fatigue are your daily meals? There may be a solution for you.

First: Reduce fatigue with an anti-fatigue mat

One of the features found in this type of carpet is the presence of an absorbent foam. Has it been developed by NASA? In fact, we only need to know if it works. If fatigue is reduced and comfort is improved, then risk of injury and error is reduced.

Second: a unique environment

Anti-fatigue mats are found in dry, wet or oily environement. It is however possible to have a dry environment where there is a risk of contamination.

Most ergonomic mats designed for a dry environment have no backing as shown by the following picture:

without backing
When the mat is placed in an environment where there is a risk of contamination, for example in a intensive care unit, a nurse workstation or an examination room, this can be a real problem. Indeed, how can one ensure the disinfection of such a foam pad, an absorbent material, is located under the carpet ?

A suitable carpet to reduce fatigue for the Healthcare Environment

The solution? Get a sealed carpet. This is exactly what was done with the Pure-Clean anti-fatigue mat.

with backing

Pure Clean carpets (also known previously under the name Pure Ergo-by Lalema) is an ergonomic mat designed specifically for critical areas in terms of infection control.

  • Non-porous carpet completely sealed sides
  • Resistant surface cuts and punctures
  • Very easy to clean and disinfect
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties