Dilution is the solution


The dilution of chemical products in housekeeping is certainly one of the aspects where the lack of knowledge is most evident.

Dilution is often misunderstood

Effectively, there are unfortunately too many housekeepers that have the habit of adding a too large quantity of chemicals to their washing solution. Therefore, if they would come to a stop for an instant, in order to realize up to which point this may be harmful to their work, this bad habit would be lost very quickly.

We must indeed remember that cleaning chemical products are conceived to reach their maximum potential with a very precise volume of water.

Consequently, we must use a dilution measuring system that should be standardized for the whole working team.

Effects of under-dilution

With respect to Health and Safety, under dilution can cause:

  • Dermatitis problems
  • Respiratory tract problems
  • Toxic fumes may cause cancer, difficult to prove and difficult to be recognized by the CSST.

With respect to work efficiency and surfaces, under dilution can:

  • Damage surfaces, since an under-diluted alkaline product will make a dull effect, by opening the pores of the floor coverings and thus allowing the deposit of alkalis. Acids, on the contrary, close the pores of the floor coverings and also burn the surface.
  • Leave a film on the surface that will give a continuous streaky appearance and this film being greasy will facilitate the adherence of dirt.
  • Cause enormous rinse problems because it will create foam in the solution container, which anyway has no cleaning effect.
  • Disturb disinfection efficiency.
  • Result in a loss of efficiency, since a well-diluted product reduces the physical demand to perform a task and favors the mechanical action.

Effects of over-dilution

Over dilution can cause:

  • Result in no disinfection.
  • Result in loss of efficiency since an over-diluted product will increase the physical workload at the expense of the mechanical action.

The right dilution is always the best solution

The use of a dilution system does not have to be complicated or costly. Portable system such as Optimixx Portable Dilution System can be used as so.