Lalema Express: New transactional website

For a rare occasion, we would like to interrupt the serious subject of disinfection since we usually ramble about that! During this cold winter that we’re having, let’s bring up a new and hot subject called Lalema Express! And so, it is our brand new transactional website for local supply of sanitary & self-service amenities. It was officially launched in August 2021, during Covid-19 time.

Lalema Express LX

Lalema Express is…

– Efficient, simple, user-friendly and local

Designed for everyone, you can find what you need in just a few clicks!

– Trend products

Like any good website, Lalema express makes sure to have products that are up to date to the latest news!

– Savings

If you are looking for discounts on cleaning products, we have that section dedicated to this purpose!

– Flexibility in payment options

This transactional website offers flexibility in payment options. No need to create a new transactional account or get a new credit card if you already have one of the payment options below.

Payment options

Go take a look!